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Honors Diploma Program

Students who earn a 3.5 GPA or higher at Valley Southwoods are eligible for participation in the  Honors Diploma Program at Valley High School. Students must also complete any prerequisite  courses for the required 10th grade courses in the Honors Diploma Program. In order to meet these  prerequisites, it is recommended that students take the following courses at Southwoods.  

  • Biology
  • AP Human Geography
  • Geometry C
  • Literature and Composition
  • World Language

Successful completion of the following classes at Valley, including senior exhibition, will result in the Valley High School Honors Designation on the Valley diploma at graduation. Up to 5 elective credits may be transferred in from other institutions if the courses are not offered at Valley High School. To meet the Honors Designation World Language requirement, students must have successfully completed a minimum of four years (or equivalency) in the same language. Students must receive a letter grade in all required classes. Students must take the AP exam in all required AP courses. The application process is enrollment in the Honors Diploma Track. A minimum GPA of 3.9 is required to graduate with an Honors Diploma. The requirements are as follows:

Sophomore, junior, and senior seminars will be an opportunity for students to explore their areas of interest, reflect on their talents/skills, shadow adults in different career pathways, and create a thoughtful plan for the next three to five years to enable them to implement an in-depth project including their “area of concentration.” (This area of concentration can change at any time. It does not lock students into anything, but it provides them with focus or vision and “an end in mind.”)